Maxi Beeswax Wrappers

Reusable & washable

Save money and reduce waste on the environment with our food wraps

environmentally friendly

We are eco - friendly on our environment with natural products used

Maxi Beeswax Wraps

Our wraps are larger than your standard size!

After a better alternative to single use plastics and cling wrap? Check out our Maxi Beeswax Wraps!

Environmentally friendly, reusable, washable, anti- bacterial and sustainable

Our food wraps are a great looking solution to keeping your food fresher for longer while still being kind to the environment.


Our Products

Beeswax Wraps

Our individual wraps come in five different sizes;

Mini Minor 15cm X 15cm
Mini Wrapper 20cm X 20cm
Midi Wrapper 30cm X 30cm
Maxi Wrapper 40cm X 40cm
Maxi Mega Wrapper 50cm X 50cm

If our sizes do not meet your needs we can make a customer specified order to meet your exact requirements.

Please browse our website as we have a variety of new items and are constantly expanding of Beeswax wraps range.

Value Packs

We have a range of six pack options.

Maxi Introductory 2
Maxi Minor 6
Maxi Trio 3
Maxi Variety 5
Maxi Wrapper 12
Maxi Mega 17

If these pack sizes do not meet your requirements you can either customise your own Maxi Wrapper pack via the website or if you require assistance we can work with you and create your very own personalised Maxi Wrapper pack.


Beeswax Bags

Now complimentary to the Maxi Beeswax Wrapper Range are;

 Maxi Beeswax Bag (Large)
Midi Beeswax Bag (Medium)
 Mini Beeswax Bag (Small)

Where Wrappers would normally be used to seal and preserve one type of fruit or vegetable at a time the Bags are used to store and preserve larger numbers of the same type of fruit or vegetables.

Wax Bags are more versatile than the Wax Wrapper by far and the extent to which their uses can be put will no doubt be the subject of many discussion in the future.

Reusable, washable and sustainable!

how to use them

Step 1

Place your open wrapper on a flat surface then place the item you wish to wrap onto the wrapper.

Step 2

Using the warmth from your hands mould the wrapper around the item making sure that the wrapper is snug to the item.

Step 3

Now Enjoy! Your food will stay fresher for a lot longer now.

The use of single use plastic wrap in kitchens all over the world is destroying our planet and causing untold suffering to both man and wildlife by overloading landfill and polluting rivers, lakes, waterways and oceans, all resources they both depend on.

In an effort to preserve and protect the quality of all the resources that we, and our wildlife, depend on, and to prevent further pollution of our oceans, rivers, lakes, waterways and landfill, created by the use of  “single use plastic wrap” in kitchens around the world.

By going in to “Bat” for the health of our planet, wildlife and environment, you can maximise an investment of a $1.00 a day or less, over a 12 month period by overcoming the confusion caused by “Pack Names, Quantities, Prices and Sizes” which result in almost every customer being compelled to buy wrappers in sizes or quantities they do not want, or cannot use.

For this reason Maxi Beeswax Wrappers prefer “Customer Specific Orders” instead of  “Set Pack Sizes” and “Quantities” which will ensure that our customers will always get the sizes and number of Wrappers they require, at a price they can afford.

Become the envy of family and friends  by allowing us to help you select your very own “Maxi Beeswax Wrapper Collection”. where the size and the number of each Wrapper you require, really does count.

Maxi Beeswax Wrappers are far easier to use than traditional plastic wrap, they keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer and can be used in the refrigerator or freezer. They are flammable and make great fire starters, they are compostable, bio-degradable, eco-friendly, re-useable, long lasting (6-12 months), re-furbishable and 100% Cotton, making them breathable which minimises oxidation and sweating. They also have anti-bacterial properties.

In response to a general complaint that most wraps are too small for the task at hand and too expensive, Maxi Beeswax Wrappers offer five standard sizes which are larger than most of our competitors and at a lower price.  If these sizes do not suit your needs we will happily make up an order that will meet your requirements.

While striving to do my best at all times, I am human, I do make mistakes or have things go wrong, sometimes beyond my control or the control of others. For this reason I fully subscribe and adhere to the old adage that “The Customer Is Always Right”. and will bend over backwards to guarantee “Customer Satisfaction”. In return I ask that you be patient, forgiving and tolerant. If you are unhappy about any  aspect of the “Maxi Beeswax Wrapper” experience please let me know, not your friends, I can help you. As soon as I am made aware of a problem we can set about putting it right.

I want you to be able to tell your friends about your fantastic encounter with Maxi Beeswax Wrappers and encourage them the build their own Maxi Beeswax Wrapper Collection.

Kelsey Lightfoot (Owner)

Beeswax Wraps

Made In Australia

important things

We have a range of five individual sizes 

We also have six different pack options 

  • Maxi Introductory 2 pack
  • Maxi Minor 6 Pack
  • Maxi Trio 3 pack
  • Maxi Variety 5 pack
  • Maxi Wrapper 12 Pack
  • Maxi Mega 17 pack

 If either the individual or packs do not meet your needs then we can custom make a wrapper or pack to suit your needs.

The life of an average wrapper is approximately 12 months.

Beeswax wraps are generally made from wax, resin and oils infused in cloth.

Beeswax is the principal ingredient in a beeswax wrap, working like a magical shield to protect and preserve your food. Of course the food will go bad eventually but at a considerably slower rate.

To refresh your old beeswax wrap it would need to be cleaned, sterilised and re-waxed.

Beeswax wraps should not be used in microwave, ovens, dishwashers or high ambient temperatures as they are highly flammable.

If the wrapper has been correctly infused then it will be waterproof.

Plus or minus 12 months and dependent on frequency of use.

Yes beeswax wraps can be used in both the fridge and freezer.

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