OUR story

How Maxi Beeswax Wrappers Came To Bee

 Having worked for other people all my working life, I sometimes wondered what it would be like to have my own business but quickly dismissed the idea because I had no idea what sort of business I’d like to have, or the wherewithal to start one…

I saw a business advertised for sale in the local newspaper that caught my eye manufacturing beeswax food wrappers. I hadn’t a clue what beeswax wrappers were but contacted the sales agent anyway to find out more about it. The asking price for the business was out of my range and the offer I made was also knocked back but now that I knew what beeswax wrappers were, I was hooked on the idea of manufacturing them. This was exactly the sort of thing I could make a success of, and I just knew I had to do it.

I used the Internet to learn as much as I could about manufacturing Beeswax Wrappers and found it a minefield of inconsistencies and mis-information, but it was a good place to start sifting the wheat from the chaff.

I spent my savings on materials and equipment and began building my business from scratch. I am now proudly producing my own high quality Maxi Beeswax Wrappers and am confident that I am well positioned to compete with anything my competitors have to offer.   

My Maxi Beeswax Wrappers will be available to you the Public on the 1/11/2020 and I  look forwards to helping to put together your very own “Maxi Beeswax Wrapper Collection”  

Our little poem

The Humble Honey Bee

“We honour the Bees for the work that they do. They pollinate flowers and make Honey too.

We use their Wax to preserve our foods, infused in cloth which is repeatedly used.

At the end of it’s days to the earth it’s returned, to generate crops prepared by the worms.

When the buds appear and spring is near the returning Bees will not stop, to pollinate flowers and give their gifts of honey, and wax, and things for my Shop.”

Give plastic the flick and enjoy an entirely new experience using my Maxi Beeswax Wrappers, to enhance the quality, extend the life of your fruit and vegetables and keep your refrigerator looking neat and trendy.


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