Helpful Hint to Using Beeswax Wraps

The information below is based on my personal experience since I started using beeswax wraps about four months ago.  I hope you will find the information listed below a useful tool in helping you to choose the right size beeswax wrap or wraps for your needs. My main objective is making sure that my customers end up with the right beeswax wrappers to suit their needs. If you would like help to choose the right Maxi Beeswax wrapper for you I am more than happy to help you out.  

Since using beeswax wrappers one of the main complaints I came across a lot was the wrappers were too small and it’s for this reason I wanted to take the time to pass on hopefully some helpful hints. 

Whilst I carry a range of five different sizes and every size at the end of the day does have its own specific use, buyer beeware. Firstly, remember if you are unsure of what size beeswax wrapper to purchase then rather pick a bigger size wrapper than going for the smaller size. The two main sizes I use the most are 30cm X 30cm and 50cm X 50cm. A whole wrapped fruit or vegetable will keep much better completely wrapped than if you are just simply wrapping the end then the fruit or vegetable. It’s fine to wrap the end of a vegetable or a piece of fruit if you are using it over the next day or two otherwise I recommend wrapping the whole item and you will find it will last longer.

How To Use Your Beeswax Wraps?

Beeswax wraps can be used to cover whole fruit and vegetables or just to cover the ends. Please remember that if you cover the whole fruit or vegetable it will keep far better and longer than just covering the end. Beeswax Wraps are also great for covering bowls, platters or snacks.


 Can’t find your toiletry bag don’t panic just grab a Maxi Beeswax Wrapper and wrap all your toiletry items in it without the worry of any soapy mess going everywhere.


Beeswax Wraps are great when it comes to entertaining you can use the small 15cm wrappers not only to cover your favourite drink to keep the pesky flies out but it can also help identify who’s drink belongs to who or you can simply look at our wine glass stem tags which will do the same thing. Lost the top to your newly opened bottle of wine just grab a Maxi Beeswax Wrapper and use it to seal the bottle.


Maxi beeswax labels are great to use on all your wrapped goodies to help identify what you have wrapped. They also are great on mason jars or glass bottles. Check out our range we can custom make to suit your needs.

Need a Funnel?

Can’t find your kitchen funnel no worries just grab your Maxi Beeswax Wrapper and fold it into the shape of a funnel suitable for dry foods only.

Beeswax Wrap - Origami

Try taking up Beeswax Origami and open a whole new world of pockets, pouches or boxes to store your favourite treats and snacks that can also keep the kids occupied.


Check out our Maxi Beeswax Wrappers range to cover your mason jars.


Run out of straws at home no problems just grab your 15cm wrapper and roll it into a straw.

Giving Flowers

Don’t just buy that special someone a bunch of flowers wrap a Maxi Beeswax Wrapper around the flower stems to stop the water going everywhere. Long after the flowers have died the Maxi Beeswax wrapper will remain as a happy reminder of that special occasion.

How To Clean?

Maxi Beeswax Wraps can be washed in cold/lukewarm soapy water. I like to wash my wraps in soapy lukewarm water and then rinse them in cold water.

How To Wash?

Once your Maxi Beeswax Wraps are completely dried fold and store in a drawer. Maxi Beeswax Wraps are sticky and they will lose that stickiness if they are exposed to things like dirt, dust or food crumbs.

This wrapper is really small to use. It is great for using to cover a cold drink, beer or your favourite bottle of champagne, I do use this wrapper specifically for keeping those pesky fruit flies out of my wine or port, they work well for covering the tops of opened wine bottles or can be used for preserve jars or fermenting bottles and covering the ends of vegetables. I will stress again that if you are not going to use the item in the next day or two rather cover the whole item to get maximum use out of your fruit or vegetable.

This wrapper is slightly larger than the Mini Minor. I still classify this as a small wrapper which has slightly more uses to the Mini Minor wrapper. I have found this wrapper really useful for covering that small block of cheese. Wax wraps are really great for cheese as they do stop the cheese from drying out.

This is a good size wrapper I use this wrapper a lot, for peppers, dragon fruit, avocado’s, snacks, cheese etc. It can be a bit big for smaller things but if on a tight budget rather go bigger than end up with a wrap that is too small.

 I personally don’t use this size wrapper I have managed getting away with the 50cm X 50cm wrapper. I just make sure that my item is tightly wrapped and have not really noticed that using the bigger wrapper has altered the shelf life of my fruit or vegetable. On occasion when I have wrapped a smaller item in my 50cm X 50cm it can look like overkill so for that reason you may wish to use the 40cm X 40cm wrapper.

This wrapper is similar to the mini wrappers due to their size you really would not need a lot of them unless you are dispensing with a 40cm X 40cm like I do then you will want more of them. I use this size wrapper a lot for cabbage, lettuce, bok choy, water melon, pineapple etc.

The Benefits of Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps really do increase the shelf life of your fruit or vegetable. I have found sometimes my fruit or vegetable can last up to two weeks if I keep them wrapped but it will depend on how fresh the item was at the time of purchase, climate,  how long the item was in the car before I got home plus at what point did I wrap the item. I generally try to wrap the items as I am putting my shopping away and on occasion when I have put them in the fridge and then go to wrap them a couple days later you quickly realise just how effective the beeswax wraps are. So I recommend trying to wrap the item straight away and then put it into your fridge. 

Beeswax wraps have really impressed me with how well they keep peppers (Capsicum) they remain lovely and crisp even up to two weeks later and don’t seem to go shrivelled or rubbery. Bok Choy does really well in the beeswax wrappers normally by the time you get home the leave are already limp but I roll the whole thing leaves included in my 50cm X 50cm wrapper and now I am even able to use the leaves in salads as they still keep some of that crunch. Spring onions and celery have amazed me I have always struggled to keep them crisp I have tried putting them in water plus tried all sorts of other options but now I simply wrap them in my 50cm X 50cm wrapper and they just remain crisp even when quite clearly they have come to the end of their shelf life they are still crunchy. Water melon has been the one item that has impressed me the most with how well it does in a beeswax wrapper you don’t end up with all the watery mess as the wrapper allows the water melon to breathe yet somehow it also does not allow the water melon to dry out either. 

Once you have wrapped all your items if you are worried as to how you can identify what is in each wrapper I have created some beeswax labels that you can simply stick to the item so you will always know exactly which wrapper contains what item. The other method you can use is when purchasing your wrappers you can simply select different fabric from our range which can also help you identify what item you have wrapped.

I hope you find this information useful in helping you select your Maxi Beeswax Wrapper collection if you are still unsure. I am happy to assist you before you make your final choice. I also am offering to customise packs or single wrappers to suit your specific requirements if you would rather that option. Lastly if there is a specific label that you require they can be custom made as well.

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